Photo of Sal Camerota Sr. cropped from a downloaded photo off of a google image search, please excuse the pixelation.

Sal Camerota Sr. is a child abuser. When I was a child, he watched me get physically and sexually abused by other children my age, and Sal Camerota Sr. did nothing but smile and laugh through the whole thing. …

Photo by Kevin Sicher on Unsplash

Winter is coming, and with winter, coats made of fur are also coming.

Everyone is wearing fur coats nowadays, even the fellas.

Like P. Diddy. P. Diddy will wear a chinchilla fur coat out to a party. And someone from the PETAs at the party will yell at P. Diddy…

Joe Camerota

Joe Camerota owns Pride Tours NYC, is a Philosopher, a Comedian, a filmmaker, and a Spectator of Life. His God is Blasphemy. Email:

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