Photo of Sal Camerota Sr. cropped from a downloaded photo off of a google image search, please excuse the pixelation.

Sal Camerota Sr. is a child abuser. When I was a child, he watched me get physically and sexually abused by other children my age, and Sal Camerota Sr. did nothing but smile and laugh through the whole thing. And he was the person who had asked for the role of protecting me.

I grew up in a town called Enfield, CT. I went to elementary school and middle school at a place called St. Martha’s school. It was one of many Catholic schools in the area. Many of the local Catholic schools had basketball teams, but St. Martha’s basketball…

Photo from WorldPride 2019 in New York City by Pride Tours NYC and Joe Camerota

The Stonewall Uprising occurred at The Stonewall Inn (a bar), in Greenwich Village, in New York City, on June 28th, 1969. And is widely credited as the event that led to what we now know to be our modern-day LGBTQIA+ Pride Movement.

A Meme by Joe Camerota

A Meme by Joe Camerota

Joe Camerota

Joe Camerota owns Pride Tours NYC, is a Philosopher, a Comedian, a filmmaker, and a Spectator of Life. You can email him at . I love you.

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