Photo of Sal Camerota Sr. cropped from a downloaded photo off of a google image search, please excuse the pixelation.

Sal Camerota Sr. is a child abuser. When I was a child, he watched me get physically and sexually abused by other children my age, and Sal Camerota Sr. did nothing but smile and laugh through the whole thing. And he was the person who had asked for the role of protecting me.

I grew up in a town called Enfield, CT. I went to elementary school and middle school at a place called St. Martha’s school. It was one of many Catholic schools in the area. Many of the local Catholic schools had basketball teams, but St. Martha’s basketball…

A Meme by Joe Camerota
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Okay, black people could do this with any American state that had slavery. But as an example, I’ll use Delaware.

Okay, you need a TON of black people to move to Delaware just before an election and just in time to register to vote. And when I say a TON of black people. What I mean is. Enough black people would have to move to Delaware, where black people would make up 80% or more of the state’s voting population. And all of these black folk need to, of course, be pro-reparations.

Then, you vote in black state government candidates…

Meme by Joe Camerota

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I’ll tell you what makes a man. It’s got nothin’ to do with what’s between a person’s legs. That’s crazy. Being a man, or a woman has absolutely nothing with what’s between a person’s legs.

I’ll tell you what it means to be a man. A man is a person, who at some point in their life was told by another person, maybe a parent, a sibling, a relative, a co-worker, or even a boss. A man is a person who at some point in their life, was told by another person, “Hey! Nobody gives a fuck about you.” …

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We currently live in a political system that attracts and incentives greed pigs. Our politicians seem to have insider trading capabilities with their knowledge. And immunity from consequences for their bad behavior. And of course, the greed pigs of our society would come rushing for gigs with such perks.

I have a solution though. Politicians call themselves civil servants, so I think we should require them to be voluntary civil slaves. It’d be voluntary, so the bad connotations of traditional slavery would not apply to this type of slavery. What I am proposing is that politicians, civil servants of a…

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Stockholm syndrome is often defined as when a hostage develops an empathetic psychological connection with their captor. The reason this happens (as clearly, the hostage is the victim) is that the hostage subconsciously figures out, as seems reasonable, that if they are nice to their captors, they will receive better treatment in exchange. And that’s true.

An easy reference to this is the trope of the “Uncle Tom” in African American slave life during American slavery. During American slavery, certain slaves were mentally trained that if they accepted their slavery, and willingly worked with their master, they would receive better…

Joe Camerota

Joe Camerota owns Pride Tours NYC, is a Philosopher, a Comedian, a filmmaker, and a Spectator of Life. You can email him at . I love you.

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