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We just had an election here in the United States.

And here in the United States, people are concerned about cheating.

And everyone is watching. Both sides.

And I’ll tell you whose been getting away with cheating for years is Mayor McCheese, the Mayor of McDonaldland. They’ve never had another Mayor! This guy has been rigging the system.

McDonaldland is a strange place too. They have Ronald, a clown, Mayor McCheese, a public servant, the Hamburgler, a criminal, and Grimace, who is just a fat depressed man.

What an insult! That’s who Mcdonald’s feels eat at their restaurant, are just clowns, public workers, criminals, and the fat depressed.



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There is this thing called the Gender-pay-gap.

It’s basically where one person makes a bunch more money than a person of the opposite sex, who has the same job.

And nowhere does this exist more than with Rob Kardashian Jr.

Kim Kardashian is worth 2 billion dollars.

Rob Kardashian Jr. is worth 10 million dollars.

Both are Reality TV stars! On the same show! What?!

How do you justify that discrepancy? It’s crazy.

Everyone knows that it’s just as important to keep up with Rob Kardashian Jr. as it is to keep up with Kim Kardashian. Because duh. They’re both Kardashians.


Let’s do a better society. Let’s make Kim give Rob Jr. a billion dollars. To be fair of course.



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Hey. Internet. Folk out there.

God spelled backward is dog, because life is ruff.

Life is ruff!

I figured out the riddle.

Life is ruff in America. That’s why God is dog spelled backward in most of America. And in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and most of Canada, except Montreal where God is Dieu, spelled backward that is ueid, which is the Bulgarian word for wade. More riddles here.

But if you are in most of America, then you can order your Postmates now, or consume those shrooms and whiskey you’ve been thinking about consuming. You can let it all go. You can accept it all now.

Because again, God spelled backward is dog, because life is ruff.

It all makes sense now.



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