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Inflation is going wild. Money is coming to an end. And when money as we know it ends, I know what my money will be. My money at that point will be my mouth and my butthole. That will be my money, my mouth, and my butthole.

Right now, there is something called the Gender Pay Gap, which is a fact that statistically, women make 1/3 less than men for the same job. That is the current status quo.

However, when money fails, that will flip because women have three holes.

That’s one more hole than a man. That’s a third more in a woman’s bank account!

‘Something for the ladies to eagerly await.



“Batman” by kevin dooley is marked with CC BY 2.0.

The new Batman movie is banned in Russia.

It’s banned.

This means, that if someone from Russia wants to see the new Batman movie, they have to travel to Ukraine to see it.

I mean talk about awkward.

First off, if you’re Russian, you have to do a little research to learn which Ukrainian movie theaters are still in existence and which one’s have been destroyed. Then once you get there, you have to assure everyone that you are just a civilian, only here to see Batman fight for justice.

Also, they search you at the border, so it’s hard for a Russian to bring edibles into a Ukrainian movie theatre. And the new Batman movie is over 3 hours long. So you for sure need an edible.



“NYC — Midtown: New York City Center — Louis C.K.” by wallyg is marked with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.


Louis C.K. jerked off in front of a few lucky fans.

Then he got canceled.

Then he came back and made a stand-up special titled ‘Sincerely’.

And that special, ‘Sincerely’, won the 2022 Grammy for ‘Best Comedy Album.’

Proving, that it is possible, to live all of your dreams.



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Guys, it cost $20 to see the new Batman movie.


For that price, I’ll get drunk and fight crime myself.

There’s a tipping point in which I become Batman.

And that tipping point is $20.

A bottle of Tito’s is $20.

The Batman movies make it seem like you gotta be rich to fight crime.

But you don’t.

You gotta have a bottle of Tito’s, which cost $20, and a love of justice.



Joe Camerota

Joe Camerota

Joe Camerota is a philosopher, a comedian, and a spectator of life. His God is Blasphemy.