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The Real Reason Trump Wants TikTok Partnered With Oracle, or Gone

Joe Camerota
3 min readSep 21, 2020


It was recently announced that Oracle is partnering with TikTok for its United States cloud computing operations.

The Trump administration says that this is because TikTok’s parent company ByteDance Ltd. is headquartered in China, and therefore the data it collects on United States Citizens is subject to potential observation by China’s government.

So, to ensure China’s government can’t see your data, TikTok’s newly announced partnerships, (primarily their partnership with Oracle), will transfer TikTok’s United States cloud computing operations to Oracle, a U.S. based company, and thus, away from the potential eyes and influence of China’s government.

And therefore, I propose the real reason for this pirating of TikTok’s United States cloud computing operations by Oracle is much simpler and much more nefarious than data collection.

TikTok is slowly becoming a gatekeeper to fame, so much so that those currently famous are rushing to ensure TikTok’s gatekeeper algorithm doesn’t leave them out. Even A-list stars such as Will Smith and Justin Bieber have TikTok accounts.

Every industry has its gatekeepers, and Hollywood and fame in the United States is no different. These gatekeepers of United States fame include entertainment studios like Disney, Paramount, Netflix, Universal, and Warner Brothers. Newspaper and magazine publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Us Weekly, and The New Yorker. And even social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. These media outlets act as gatekeepers, deciding who will and won’t have influence. And when a single one of these major outlets turns its spotlight on an individual, the algorithms of all the others pick up on that spotlight and support and magnify it. As a result, in these algorithms’ attempts to mirror the mind of the user, they end up mirroring each other. A virtual “keeping up with the joneses” between algorithms if you will. Thus going viral on one platform triggers going viral on the rest. And as we’ve seen during this pandemic, United States gatekeepers work together for the “good of the American people” to suppress or magnify certain people and/or information.

TikTok became a gatekeeper to fame and information in the United States. And it’s a gatekeeper that is headquartered outside of the United States. In short, a company headquartered in China amassed decision making power over who or what, gets influence in the U.S. Don’t forget, a guy like Donald Trump is rich. But it’s his fame that gives him influence. Barrack Obama had fame and the influence that accompanies that fame, long before he had money from that influence. It’s fame that counts.

Fame leads to influence, and influence leads to power, and power leads to money.

The gatekeepers in the United States may disagree with each other a lot, but the one thing they agree on is that they don’t want more gatekeepers. Especially one headquartered outside of the social and political influence of the United States.

So with TikTok becoming a fame-making machine and being headquartered in Beijing, this grew to become unacceptable. TikTok has pledged to not censor their app. And that is the biggest fear of the current gatekeepers of fame and information, an app uncensored. A freehand of fame.

So president Trump being a pig of fame on the right, got together with his fellow pigs of fame on both the right and the left, and in a rare bipartisan deal among the pigs of fame, they decided that TikTok must be partnered for its tech operations with one or more companies headquartered in the United States. And it was finally settled that Oracle would take over TikTok’s United States cloud computing operations. And this works well for the gatekeepers, as Larry Ellison, Oracle’s CEO, is no stranger to the world of being a gatekeeper of fame. Both his children are famous Hollywood producers.

So thank God we are now back to the status quo of uninterrupted United States censorship, where those in power will continue to decide who’s in power next.



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